Lake in Kolorova, Slovakia.

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Lake in Kolorova, Slovakia.

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Kolorova is a small village in Slovakia, people here speaks Slovak, Hungarian & very very few speaks English and its very hard to find those people. But, Its an unforgettable experience for me.

Myself & my colleagues went to roam around the village on a fine Sunday morning, being new to that place….asusual we just look around the places nearby. Some houses, many dogs, few people on the road, the whole atmosphere remembers the…typical Indian villages. 

After walking some mins., our colleagues told about the lake & the water mill, we started walking towards the lake. Never visited such a place in my life. Mother Nature’s craft it is. Its really a jaw-dropping experience for me. The lake was really amazing.

Later saw the Water Mill’s prototype, its really nice. After seeing the water mill, mind started doing the engineering calculations….juss kidding folks 🙂

Still lot to come friends….Hint: Bratislava


Lake in Kolorovo, Slovakia…

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Lake in Kolorovo, Slovakia...

Its a mesmerising place….After reaching Kolorovo, this is the first place i visited. Beautiful lake, Huge water mill model…amazing experience!!!!

Will post more pics 2morow……bye!!!! 🙂