What i am doing here??!!!

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What i am doing here??!!!       Even i am closer to the water, i can’t get in…..fact & fate!!!


Who can join both of us…??!!!!

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We may looks close together, but if you come closer you can find the gap between us… 😦

Spectacular place to visit, not in summer, then you will get toasted!!!! Dry rocks everywhere inside the sea..

Dry rocks in middle of the sea…never saw such thing in my life. Its awesome, instead of dry rocks there should have been some greens, then this place would be the competitor for Phuket.

@Musundham, OMAN

May be I am standing tall, but getting immersed day to day….. :( :(

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This Mini-Rock Mountain is standing in middle of the sea located in Musundham, OMAN.