First Post Box in Bratislava..

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Awesome Vienna….Part I

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I cant’t forget my first ever Europe tour, that too Vienna. But i went in winter, it was damn cold, snowing everywhere, whole area covered with snow. And, this is the first time ever i am experiencing & enjoying the winter in Europe. Its a different experience for me. Sad part is that i couldn’t able to see the green landscapes. That’s not a problem, because i am flying again to Europe this weekend (on official trip……ssshhhh don’t tell to anybody;) ) Will get a chance to look around some green this time.

In Vienna, visited some¬†fantastical¬†architectures. Its literally a jaw dropping experience for me. Opera Hall, Palaces, Austrian Parliament Athena, Stage play theaters, Trams, Metro trains….its really an amazing experience.

Attached some selective pics, will post more pics later.

True Masterpiece in middle of the sea…

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This place is called Kanyakumari, situated in South border of India. Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal & Indian Ocean all 3 seas met here at one place, you can literally see the waves coming from 3 different directions, its amazing to watch.

This statue is built in remembrance of the famous tamil poet, philosopher “Thiruvalluvar” who wrote the tamil literature “Thirukkural” which has been translated in many languages. The 133feet statue is standing on dry rocks in middle of the sea beside the famous Indian scholar, philosopher “Swami Vivekananda” memorial rock. Swami Vivekananda who lived short, traveled across America & Europe to introduce Yoga & Vedanta philosophies. He is speech in Chicago conference is being considered one of the best till date. In his memorial hall, we can meditate its so much peaceful. Pin drop silence will be maintained inside the hall.

One more thing, I was surprised after seeing the “Sunrise Calendar”, which is sculptured on the granite. Its damn accurate, our ancestors are really genius to calculate such things. They have done this before satellite era.