Awesome Vienna….Part I

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I cant’t forget my first ever Europe tour, that too Vienna. But i went in winter, it was damn cold, snowing everywhere, whole area covered with snow. And, this is the first time ever i am experiencing & enjoying the winter in Europe. Its a different experience for me. Sad part is that i couldn’t able to see the green landscapes. That’s not a problem, because i am flying again to Europe this weekend (on official trip……ssshhhh don’t tell to anybody;) ) Will get a chance to look around some green this time.

In Vienna, visited some fantastical architectures. Its literally a jaw dropping experience for me. Opera Hall, Palaces, Austrian Parliament Athena, Stage play theaters, Trams, Metro trains….its really an amazing experience.

Attached some selective pics, will post more pics later.


2 thoughts on “Awesome Vienna….Part I

    jannatwrites said:
    March 22, 2012 at 06:31

    Nice pictures! I like them all, but I think my favorite is the one with the street lined with leafless trees.

      golappan responded:
      March 22, 2012 at 07:45

      Thanks, thats my favorite too. Just love it!!!!

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