Month: March 2012

Lake in Kolorovo, Slovakia…

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Lake in Kolorovo, Slovakia...

Its a mesmerising place….After reaching Kolorovo, this is the first place i visited. Beautiful lake, Huge water mill model…amazing experience!!!!

Will post more pics 2morow……bye!!!! 🙂


Miss….Blogging, Blog Surfing :(

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Sorry guyz….I am in Slovakia, cant access internet often. Will come to the blogging world after 2weeks.

Who can join both of us…??!!!!

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We may looks close together, but if you come closer you can find the gap between us… 😦

Spectacular place to visit, not in summer, then you will get toasted!!!! Dry rocks everywhere inside the sea..

Dry rocks in middle of the sea…never saw such thing in my life. Its awesome, instead of dry rocks there should have been some greens, then this place would be the competitor for Phuket.

@Musundham, OMAN

I am not getting any SUNDAYs!!!! aargghhhh… ;)

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I love beaches, sunrise & sunsets. I can stay a whole by sitting & just watching the waves. If i am stressed or confused will just go to the beach, take a long walk, sit for some hours & thats it…I will be relieved completely. 🙂

Sunrise @ Musandham, OMAN.

May be I am standing tall, but getting immersed day to day….. :( :(

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This Mini-Rock Mountain is standing in middle of the sea located in Musundham, OMAN.

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Blogging from the Mas

Here are the rest of the pictures that I promised to post.  I’ve been having a problem posting them in order.  Oh well, I will get better at this in the future.

We loved the fortified medieval town of Mdina, located on a large hill in the center of Malta. The town was the old capital of Malta, and is noteworthy because of its narrow streets, few inhabitants and beautiful views.

Mdina is referred to as the “Silent City” because the no cars are allowed here, (except those of a limited number of residents).








Also – we can’t forget all the wonderful door knockers!!

The majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral (17th Century) is located in the center of Mdina.

 Across the square from the cathedral is the Cathedral Museum which was originally a seminary.  The museum houses an outstanding collection of sacred art, paintings…

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Awesome Vienna….Part I

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I cant’t forget my first ever Europe tour, that too Vienna. But i went in winter, it was damn cold, snowing everywhere, whole area covered with snow. And, this is the first time ever i am experiencing & enjoying the winter in Europe. Its a different experience for me. Sad part is that i couldn’t able to see the green landscapes. That’s not a problem, because i am flying again to Europe this weekend (on official trip……ssshhhh don’t tell to anybody;) ) Will get a chance to look around some green this time.

In Vienna, visited some fantastical architectures. Its literally a jaw dropping experience for me. Opera Hall, Palaces, Austrian Parliament Athena, Stage play theaters, Trams, Metro trains….its really an amazing experience.

Attached some selective pics, will post more pics later.